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Informational Video: How To Apply for Western Regional Aquaculture Center Funding




Unlock the potential of your aquaculture research with the Western Regional Aquaculture Center's (WRAC) comprehensive funding application guide. This detailed walkthrough video illuminates the steps needed to craft a successful pre-proposal, paving the way for impactful and strategic aquaculture research projects. Discover tips on aligning with the WRAC's strategic objectives, engaging effectively with industry and extension networks, and budget planning to meet the USDA's stringent criteria. 

With an increased funding cap of $200,000 per project per year, there's never been a better time to contribute to the growth of the aquaculture industry in the Western region. Follow our expert guidance to ensure your proposal embodies the collaboration, industry relevance, and scientific rigor expected by the Western Regional Aquaculture Center. 

What You'll Learn: 

Introduction & Specific Criteria Emphasis - Understand the WRAC requirements to elevate your proposal from preproposal to full proposal status. 

Industry & Extension Network Engagement - Gain insights on the importance of industry collaboration, and leverage the expertise of industry and extension professionals to reinforce your proposal. 

Future Collaboration Strategies - Discover how to demonstrate future industry engagement and the strategic importance of industry representation in your proposal. 

Budget Planning & Contributions - Learn how to craft a detailed budget plan, ensuring transparency and adherence to WRAC guidelines, and understand the funding structure and limitations. 

Closing Remarks - Utilize the Pre-Proposal Guideline Checklist for a complete submission and grasp the significance of aligning your proposal with WRAC's vision. 


0:00 Introduction and Understanding Specific Criteria 

0:45 Engaging with Industry & Extension Networks 

3:41 Budget Planning & Contributions Additional Resources: 

WRAC's Request for Proposals (RFP) Pre-Proposal FY25 - download from the website! 

Guideline Checklist - Found in the RFP on page 21: 


Budget forms and the timeline for the proposal process are also available

Contact information for the Executive Director Graham Young ([email protected]) and Program Manager Julie Hahn ([email protected]): https://wracuw.org/?limit=3 

Your dedication to advancing aquaculture research is crucial to our collective goals. The USDA Western Regional Aquaculture Center values your commitment and effort. We're here to support your journey towards securing funding and making a meaningful impact. 

Video link: https://youtu.be/mK0g-7M_eJw

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