David Beugli

Shellfish Producer, Coastal States
Institution / Organization: Willapa-Grays Harbor Oyster Growers Association

David Beugli, currently serving as the Executive Director of the Willapa-Grays Harbor Oyster Growers Association (WGHOGA), has been a steadfast advocate for shellfish farming in the United States for over eight years now. WGHOGA, which represents 18 family-run shellfish farms on Washington's southwest coast, is renowned as the most prolific shellfish farming region across the country. Mr. Beugli finds merit in his work fortifying mutual understanding and collaboration between growers and government bodies, assisting with outreach endeavors and navigating legal complications around permits and licenses. Prior to his association with WGHOGA, Mr. Beugli plied his skills as a Marine Scientist, meticulously recording data on Pacific Northwest estuaries, seagrass habitats, sediment sampling, burrowing shrimp populations, ecosystem services and analyzing potential challenges posed by sea-level rise. Presently, he devotes his efforts to studying the effects of burrowing shrimp, invasive species on commercial shellfish beds, and framing environmental impact statements related to marine habitats and shellfish aquaculture in regard to the Clean Water Act. In 2020, Western Regional Aquaculture Center (WRAC) welcomed Mr. Beugli into its ranks on the Industry Advisory Council where he continues to champion sustainable shellfish farming practices that uphold water quality and environmental stewardship. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mr. Beugli engages with his young family in exploring secluded forest trails or serene water bodies during his free days.


Oysters, clams, aquaculture, marine ecology, estuarine water quality, seagrass habitat surveys, sediment sampling, burrowing shrimp, ecosystem services, sea level rise, invasive species


University of Washington
School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Box 355020, Seattle, WA 98195
1122 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA 98105


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