Profitable and biosecure rock scallop culture for the West Coast

This project focuses on advancing marine aquaculture on the U.S west coast through the exploration of production techniques for Crassadoma gigantea, otherwise known as the purple-hinge rock scallop. Highly valued in the market, the species' wide natural distribution makes it an invaluable resource within aquaculture. However, commercial harvesting of this species is mostly prohibited in vast areas, underlining its potential worth within aquaculture. In line with this, we are keen on evaluating seed production and grow-out methodologies, while aspiring to cultivate triploid seeds. This ensures that these seeds can be grown anywhere with zero impact on local populations. 


  1. Production of large quantities of diploid and triploid rock scallop seed
  2. Evaluation of grow-out techniques specifically for rock scallops
  3. Training shellfish growers through pilot demonstration growout at three commercial shellfish farms

Project Summary

Duration: 2 years
Funded Date: 09/01/2012
Funding level: $229,144
Location: California - CA, Washington - WA
Species: Rock Scallop
Topics: Culture, Grow out, Hatchery

University of Washington
School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

Box 355020, Seattle, WA 98195
1122 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA 98105


Grants and Funding