Winton, Control of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus in commercially reared salmonid fishes

This project converges on exploiting the wealth of information acquired during WRAC's nine-year IHN study. Our goal is to harness this knowledge into pragmatic and cost-efficient tactics to mitigate IHN-associated losses in commercially-bred rainbow trout. We plan to carry out real-life trials of these approaches, and also examine the interaction between coldwater disease and IHN infections at commercial facilities. We anticipate conducting experiments with minimal levels of iodine as a potential means of controlling IHN. An integral part of our endeavor will be a robust extension component that succinctly compiles the extensive research amassed. Emphasizing clarity and usefulness, our aim is to disseminate these results industry-wide, benefiting trout and salmon businesses most directly. 


  1. Field test experimental vaccines for inducing specific immunity to IHNV in rainbow trout
  2. Begin research on the interaction between coldwater disease and IHN
  3. Field test means for controlling IHNV in rainbow trout using application of low levels of elemental iodine
  4. Develop extension products to summarize the large body of research and to transfer these findings to the commercial sector.

Project Summary


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