Jacob (Jake) Bledsoe

ID Representative
Institution / Organization: University of Idaho

Jacob (Jake) Bledsoe is an aquaculture expert with an extensive background in the field. His journey began over 15 years ago on a small, family-operated aquaculture farm and since then Jake has fulfilled a variety of roles from producer to student, and eventually evolving into a respected researcher and assistant professor at the University of Idaho's Department of Animal, Veterinary, and Food Sciences, and the Aquaculture Research Institute. His research expertise lies within the realm of fish physiology, leveraging molecular biology and genomics tools to unravel physiological processes across different genetic factors and environments. A key player in guiding industry quandaries, Jake meticulously examines diet formulations and water quality. As an Aquaculture Extension Specialist, he provides teaching programs to the aquaculture workforce while recruiting future industry professionals. His responsibilities also include representing his sector in regulatory matters and distributing innovative research findings to aid regional progress in aquaculture. Currently, Dr. Bledsoe is an integral part of the Western Regional Aquaculture Center as the Idaho Extension representative, where he continues to contribute to the Extension Subcommittee of the WRAC Technical Committee.


Fish Physiology (Genomics and Microbiome) and Aquaculture Extension

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University of Washington
School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

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