Jeff Hetrick

Shellfish Producer, Coastal States
Institution / Organization: Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute

Jeff Hetrick, with a 40-year heritage in Alaska's aquaculture landscape, brings extensive industry insight to WRAC. Initially dedicating two decades to salmon enhancement, he managed hatcheries at several prestigious establishments like the Prince William Sound Aquaculture, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association. Subsequently, Jeff owned and managed Alaska Aquafarms, an oyster farm in Prince William Sound before the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. His entrepreneurial journey continued as he established the Chugach Regional Resources Commission's mariculture programs, spearheading projects in Tatitlek and South-Central Alaska. In 2002, he undertook the leadership of the Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute (APMI), an influential part of the aquaculture industry offering essential resources for aquatic farming. The APMI fortifies its contribution with advanced research on diverse marine life and an intensive Ocean Acidification Lab that conducts crucial monitoring across Alaska. As an integral aspect of regional ocean monitoring efforts, Jeff's team also investigates harmful algae and phytoplankton populations.


Shellfish and Finfish Mariculture

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University of Washington
School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

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