Jung Kwon

OR Representative
Institution / Organization: Oregon State University

Dr. Jung Kwon is a dedicated Assistant Professor of Food Science & Technology at Oregon State University (OSU). Specializing in the correlation between food and biomedical science, her work significantly contributes to the understanding of how natural molecules derived from seafood can have unique and valuable biomedical functions. In collaboration with the OSU Seafood Research & Education Center, she also aids varied seafood sectors across the Oregon coast and beyond. By sharing her scientific insights, Dr. Kwon helps these sectors understand the effect of seafood consumption on nutrition and health.

Additionally, she is focused on revealing the biological effects of natural molecules from various marine species on cellular and physiological levels. This includes identifying marine-derived bioactive compounds that could have metabolic regulatory effects, anti-obesity impacts, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Her innovative research approach serves to promote effective use of landscape resources, uncover the potential health value of seafood materials and underutilized aquatic resources, and support human health promotion as well as disease prevention measures.

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University of Washington
School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

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