Matt Powell

Research Chair (2024-2026) ID Representative
Institution / Organization: University of Idaho
  • Start date: 07/01/2023
  • End date: 07/01/2026
  • Groups: Research technical committee, Industry advisory council (IAC), Extension technical committee

Dr. Madison Powell, known as Matt, is an integral part of the University of Idaho's Department of Animal, Veterinary and Food Science and serves as the Associate Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute. He offers his expertise in animal genetics to a variety of aquatic species such as rainbow trout, white sturgeon, tilapia, and Atlantic salmon among others. Dr. Powell is currently investigating gut transport in trout and sturgeon, alongside examining genetic factors that influence tolerance and inflammation in domesticated fish. In addition to this rich body of research, he extends valuable teaching services in fish genetics, molecular metabolism and applied experimental design to a range of learners from high school students to visiting professors. Dr. Powell takes pride in being affiliated with the Western Regional Aquaculture Center (WRAC) since 2011 and has served in multiple capacities - from contributing to technical committees to chairing research panels and shaping editorial policies. His tenure as the past-president of the Idaho Chapter of American Fisheries Society further underscores his dedication to aquaculture. 


Fish Genetics and Physiology

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